Testimonials after working with Sallie Rediske, MPT, WCS

   My husband and I joke that we can never remember the date of our wedding anniversary but I'll never forget the day I started seeing Sallie Rediske at Homer Physical Therapy. It was December 26, 2011. Things had gotten so bad that I was looking into whether I could place my dog team with a friend. I was in chronic pain, couldn't run my dogs, and everything had become a chore. I wondered whether I could continue living on our homestead. For almost two years my hip had been "going out". I tried different adjustments and approaches but my situation continued to deteriorate. As is often the case, as things got worse for me, I compensated in ways that further complicated my problem.
   From the first day of working with Sallie and then as my treatment progressed and we added therapeutic massages with Beth and exercise classes and coaching with Fran, I knew I could recover. Along with a proper diagnosis of an unstable pelvis and appropriate treatment, the staff at Homer P.T. gave me tools so I can help myself-- this is crucial as I travel a lot and can also get into a jam while I'm out on the trail with the dogs.
  Recovery is a journey. With each physical therapy visit I learned how we could undo the limitations, pain and problems I had layered on top of one another. Consistency is key. I stuck with it because I never, ever want to be in that kind of pain. I have a routine now that is part of my life. And you know what? I'm a better dog musher than ever before and I'm doing other things such as running that I never did before. I meet people as I travel who describe similar issues and I tell them that if there's any way that they can come to Homer P.T., they will not regret the journey. As for me, as I climb onto the Caribou Hills with my dog team this winter, I'll be looking down with gratitude that I can be all that I can be, thanks to Homer Physical Therapy.
Linda Chamberlain, recent Homer P.T. "Graduate"

   In the fall of 2012 I decided to address the issue of pelvic pain with my physical therapist. I have received treatment for all sorts of other issues over the years, so I decided to overcome my shyness about the issue of pelvic pain and see if I could be helped.
  For several years I have had discomfort and pain during intercourse. Sallie Rediske asked me about the nature of my pain, did a thorough internal exam, and then did an exam of the external pelvic area. She asked me if various places caused me pain when she palpitated them internally and none of them hurt during the exam. I learned that my discomfort was related to issues that Sallie found while palpating the external region. 
  If I am remembering correctly, her diagnosis was that my discomfort stemmed from a combination of factors: extensive scar tissue and adhesions from 2 abdominal surgeries as well as muscular tightness caused from long term postural issues. She warned me that during the course of treatment we might not see any improvement for a long time. We were both pleasantly surprised when my pain during intercourse disappeared entirely after only two sessions of deep tissue work in that area. I would encourage anyone suffering from pelvic pain to try physical therapy as a possible solution to their problem.
I am a 60 year old woman in Homer, Alaska. January 2013

 After living with severe chronic voiding pain and extreme urinary straining for almost seven years I have been pain free for over two years. I achieved this thanks to Sallie Rediske, her skilled pelvic floor physical therapy to correct pelvic floor instability (myofacial tissue release, abdominal adhesions and addressing trigger points) and a ten week course called "Chronic Pain and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy", taught by her and a local counselor.
 During those seven years I was being seen by over a dozen different doctors and health care providers and endured several invasive procedures and many tests. I was prescribed powerful drugs and was told all kinds of probable diagnoses. However all the test results turned out negative and the doctors were puzzled and could not find an explanation. It all changed when I started working with Sallie. The turning point for me was her excellent class where I learned to understand what pain truly is and that too many stress factors (physical, emotional and mental) over time can cause the nervous system to go haywire and overloading it. As a
result the brain is capable of sending pain signals to body parts with no injury present. I realized that I had the power within myself to create new nerve circuits or pathways to brake away from the ingrained pain pattern. I achieved this through specific exercises. Those "distraction exercises" had to be very challenging at first which was necessary because it enabled me to totally focus on them rather then giving in to the pain experience. Over the course of seven month my pain got weaker and weaker. Eventually the new pathways grew stronger than the pain circuits and seven months later I was completely pain free.

Gabriela Husmann, 4/16/12

  After 12 years of working with MD's in Madison, WI (even at UW Hosp) I had little to no relief from my Trigeminal Neuralgia - nor did I have an accurate diagnosis. In 14 months of physical therapy I've gone from having CONSTANT headache pain daily at levels of 5-9, on a 1-10 scale, to having intermittent pain; still daily however at levels of 0-6, most often in the 2-4 range - when I have pain.
I've weaned down from

* 60 mgs of MS contin 3X daily +
* 60 mgs of Oxycodone 3-4X daily


* 15 mgs of MS contin 3X daily +
* 25 mgs of Oxycodone 3X daily

On the lesser dose - with physical therapy - I have more pain-free hours than I ever
had at higher levels.

Through education and resources available at Homer Physical Therapy, I've come to
understand more about how my body works as a WHOLE SYSTEM and that several things caused the Trigeminal Neuralgia - these include a 2nd and 3rd degree burn scar on my right leg from 1988; my hypermobility that causes my body to become out of alignment, as well as the dysfunction in my pelvic area which includes endometriosis, ovarian cysts and a surgery for their removal in 1986.

I've learned that I can help decrease my pain through diet choices (keeping a balanced PH level), exercises that stretch muscles that need to be stretched versus muscles that are already hypermobile, resting when I need to rest, and coming to see my physical therapist weekly for manipulations that continue to release the fascia that is binding my nerves. The thing that surprised me the most was finding out how connected my pelvis and head really are. As time went on I developed terrible burning and stinging pain during intercourse and annual exams. I did NOT relate this to my head pain at all. However, through a technique called "skin rolling" that released the fascia, my intercourse pain was much better and my head pain was reduced as well!

I now understand so much more about my condition and my body as a whole that I thank Goodness, God, or the Universe each day for helping me to find Sallie and Homer Physical Therapy. They have literally saved my life. - Name Withheld for Privacy

  I cannot praise Sallie and Homer Physical Therapy enough. I recommend them with my whole heart! After the birth of my first child I had pain for over two years and didn't know what to do about it. Other doctors told me I was imagining it or that it was nothing. I was always misdiagnosed and giving up hope. By some miracle, a complete stranger recommended Homer Physical Therapy to me. Sallie took one look at me and instantly knew my pelvis had come out of alignment. She was so incredibly knowledgeable. With very few appointments she had it aligned again and I was doing exercises at home. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn't found Homer Physical Therapy. I hope that other women with similar problems will take the time to make an appointment. The wealth of information and skill available at Homer Physical Therapy is amazing! It has definitely changed my life! - Jessica

"Walking through the doors of HPT has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself. A back injury motivated me to come, but with a teen history of anorexia (lost muscle mass), a past injury to my sternum, and a serious childbirth injury 30 years ago, Sallie found more that needed work.
  The commitment has involved exercises, retraining muscles, manual therapy sessions, and lifestyle changes to accommodate all of this, but it has been worth every minute, every dollar and every change. I am not the same person, and this I find beyond exciting!
  The changes I see and feel in myself motivate me to continue, as do all the sweet staff gals at HPT, now my friends. They exhibit just the right blend of highly skilled professionalism and personal caring. They are efficient and able to think outside the box, all the while keeping advice practical. They are a blast to work with!
  I have benefited and learned so much from physical therapy, massage, and an exercise class offered by HPT, all of it excellent. I appreciate the way the staff collaborates as needed and thereby provides a unified approach to helping clients reach their goals. I am so grateful to have discovered this place, these people, and for all they are helping me to accomplish. THANKS... you've changed my life."

Sally Fisher
Age 54

Homer Physical Therapy Helps

 "I had been living with chronic shoulder and elbow pain for at least two years. It started out with a touch of tennis elbow in my right arm (self diagnosed) after I threw a ball for the dog. The arm just didn't get any better and at some point my right shoulder began to ache. I didn't give the injury the respect or attention it needed until finally it started to wake me up at night. There didn't seem to be a comfortable way for me to lay that my arm and/or shoulder wouldn't ache. There was no making peace with it. I needed help.

 I made an appointment with our family doctor who ran me through some tests in which he determined that there was no damage to my rotator cuff. He recommended Homer Physical Therapy. Sallie met with me, listened to my laundry list of aches and pains, examined the shoulder and arm and gave me a few exercises to work on at home. I had three appointments at HPT over the course of a month. What I found was that doing the exercises or movements decreased the pain which motivated me to stay on the exercises. Pain is a great motivator. I have been mostly pain free for about 6 months now, and sleep the night through.

 Before Sallie, when I would shake hands with someone I would have to control my face so as not to cringe because it would make my elbow hurt. The help I received from HPT was excellent care, I felt that I was given the time to learn and understand what was going on with my body. There was a little deep massage but mostly that helped to rebuild the shoulder support muscles.

Homer Physical Therapy was just what the doctor ordered. "

Bryan H

  "I am a music teacher and I always tell my students to practice, practice, practice. Many people say, "I wish I could play the (fill in the blank)." But wishing alone will not make an instrument play. Only daily, sustained, committed practice creates a fine musician.

  A few years ago I went to Homer Physical Therapy because I was in pain. I had pains in my legs and my right rotator cuff. Sallie Rediske, PT diagnosed the causes of my pain and together we set out to change the way I have moved for decades. It was a slow, steady, often tedious but always enlightening process. At every session with Sallie I learned specific exercises to practice. For years I had said, "I wish I could get rid of this pain in my (fill in the blank)." But wishing alone did not make my pain go away. Only daily, sustained, committed practice of prescribed PT exercises creates a pain free person.

  Occasionally one of my former pains will return. That's when I hear Sallie's instructive admonitions in my head. I have a marvelous repertoire stored in my brain. Sallie teaches you how to correct your lazy habits all by yourself. What a sense of autonomy that instills. My incredibly talented, efficient, articulate and engaging PT taught me to self correct my movement foibles FOR LIFE !"

  "Thank you Homer Physical Therapy and staff."

  Renda Horn
  Homer, Alaska
  Age: 60

  "I thought the incontinence I was having was part of getting older and exacerbated by being pregnant (at age  41). After giving birth, at which time I sustained significant pelvic injury, I thought surgery was the only way to get the problem fixed. While I did require surgery to fix the tissue damage, before I went into surgery, I was incontinence free! Sallie's expertise with bio-feedback and deep tissue physical therapy, and the exercises she taught me, put me in control before the surgery. Her help allowed me to lose very little muscle control post-op and I continue to be without incontinence. It was not only Sallie's knowledge but also her empathic nature and encouragement that helped make my experience completely worthwhile. I highly recommend Sallie and PT for incontinence."

  Lisa Zatz
  Age: 43

"I personally have never found anybody in the medical profession with a success rate even close to what I have experienced with Sallie at Homer Physical Therapy. She first cured my chronic ankle pain by modifying some of my weight training. Then she fixed my knee by adding some new exercises and stretching. After that I experienced shoulder pain due to improper weight training motion, and Sallie waved her wand and cured it in two weeks. I had my lower back fused in my thirties and then developed upper back/rib pain due to tight muscles. Sallie gave me some really neat stretches and said it would also help my lower back. Well, it completely eliminated all upper back pain and most definitely helped my lower back. I fully credit Sallie with keeping me in a condition where I can Alpine ski all day long, seven days a week, compete in bike races and do most anything else I desire. Hopefully Sallie will be in my corner when I hit my 60ís and 70ís for I do not plan on giving up any of these activities without one heck of a fight."

- Michael Warburton

"When I was 12 years old, in 1950, I was afflicted with polio. I was very sick, and spent 10 months away from home recovering. I basically did recover and lived a normal life. I married and had four children.
 Around 1985 I started having problems with my back and leg muscles. I was made aware of post polio syndrome, or the late effects of polio, through articles I read in various publications. I went to a chiropractor for several years and he helped me. But, there came a time when that didn't help anymore. The medical profession was uneducated in the matter, for the most part, and I was even told at one point that mental health might help me. I had been sent to physical therapy where they employed the "use it or lose it" theory.
 In 2001 I found Sallie Rediske right here in Homer, Alaska! What a blessing! She was actually trained in a post-polio clinic and knew how to approach my problems. She taught me that I should
conserve what I had left and planned a routine of stretches and non-stressful exercises that have been very beneficial for me. She has been very encouraging and is interested in me and my physical problems. I feel truly fortunate to have her as my physical therapist and friend."
- Ramona Bracht

†...I had the pleasure of having a massage by Megan Davis at Homer Physical Therapy. I felt like the massage was tailored to my body. She started by asking me what areas I wanted her to focus on and worked on these during the beginning of the massage. Afterwards, I was amazed at her ability to find what other areas needed work, even when I wasn't aware of it. Megan's extensive knowledge and expertise was evident in the quality of the experience. - Janet Fink

...It never occurred to me that physical therapy could help my trigeminal neuralgie symptoms. But even after brain surgery and medications (with career-ending side effects), I was still going to the ER once or twice a month to be treated for pain that even a shot of morphine could not always kill. Physical therapy has not cured me and I still have periodic pain attacks. However, symptoms have diminished and a pain attack now means that I use the techniques I learned through the Life Changing Pain group and prescription pain pills-NOT a trip to the ER. I continue with physical therapy and have not gone to the ER for a pain attack in years.   -Francis Neville

Testimonials after working with Fran Evarts, CGFT

Fitness Class Testimonial
 Early in 2011 I was in a car accident which resulted in two pelvic fractures and a fracture in my sacrum. After being released from the hospital, and many weeks of bed rest, seven months into my recovery I discovered I was pregnant. I was still suffering with a lot of pelvic and tailbone pain along with a risky pregnancy. I started working with a physical therapists at Homer Physical Therapy who specializes in Women's Health and pelvic issues. She coordinated physical therapy with their exercise classes in my second trimester. Even though the pregnancy was still considered risky I was able to safely participate in the exercise classes by coordinating with the fitness trainer. The classes helped me with strengthening the pelvic and tailbone area as well as helped my pregnancy progress into a healthy one with less problems. The classes helped with my breathing and with keeping my energy level up, and now as I get closer to my due date the classes are helping me with other pregnancy symptoms such as sore ribs, swelling and breathing, as well as keeping my previous injuries from flaring up and causing me pain. Taking these classes has given me the chance to have a healthy and active pregnancy. I have especially enjoyed that the classes were small so there was more one-on-one which allowed us to alter the exercises to my needs. I would recommend these classes to anyone who is pregnant. As for myself, I am planning to continue taking the classes after I have the baby as part of my postnatal recovery.

1) I have learned how to strengthen and engage my core muscles in daily movement and to avoid injury.
2) I have learned to focus my mind, as well as my body, when I stretch and work muscles.
3) I know what neutral spine is for my body, how to find it while laying down, sitting or standing. I know      how to keep my body in alignment while I exercise, work, or relax.
4) My body is more flexible.
5) I am more aware of my body and how to offset aches and pains by correct alignment.
- Geneil Ballentine
   Homer, Alaska
  Age: 60

  The instructor for our Core Strengthening Class is highly skilled and is very adept at modifying virtually all of the activities to meet individual differences and needs. As a senior citizen with a herniated disc, regular attendance in this class has meant the difference between chronic, miserable pain and episodic pain due to the numerous benefits that I have received from regular class attendance where I have benefited from the postural, gait, balance, flexibility and strength skills taught in the class. It is a class that I would heartily recommend for adults of all ages who have challenges with these and probably other problems
- Roger Clyne

Testimonials after working with Licensed Massage Therapists at Homer Physical Therapy

   Andrea's technique is a gift. She is amazing. I liked the hot packs and learning the breathing techniques to relax... I would definitely recommend her. I would also like to thank the entire staff at Homer Physical Therapy for their dedication, skills and caring spirits.
-Terry Jones

  Everybody at Homer Physical Therapy that I have dealt with is and has been very knowledgeable and in turn very helpful. They have helped me deal with missing knee cartilage, back fusion, neck vertebra problems, shoulder pain, wrist pain and keep me on the slopes of Alyeska. I have never had this success rate with any other medical professional. We are extremely lucky to have them in our little town of Homer.
-Michael Warburton

For those times when you feel you need a full body massage I recommend Andrea.
She is amazing!
-Terry Jones

... I had a terrific experience at Homer Physical Therapy. As a result of a car accident I've been visiting their clinic fairly regularly and each time it's been a good experience. This time I was introduced to a different type of massage therapy.
  I'm sure in my long lifetime I've had hundreds and hundreds of spa massages but the therapeutic massages I've received at PT have all been a unique learning experience. The folks explain as they go along what they are attempting to accomplish with their movements, and how I can enhance those efforts at that time and in the future. Going home with some new ideas towards a total recovery have been very satisfying. I'm getting acquainted on a new level with my own body.
-Rita Jo

Testimonials after working with Maggie Goedeke, DPT

...Maggie was instrumental in diagnosing a long-standing skeletal issue that had eluded x-rays and MRI's for decades. She realigned my pelvis manually with a minimum amount of discomfort and taught me how to check my condition and remedy it with the stretches and exercise. I feel better than I have for years and in control of my recovery. I look forward to the next decades as pain free and independent thanks to her and HPT!

Testimonials after working with Holly McClure, MPT

...I would like to thank everyone at Homer Physical Therapy for their professional and caring manner.
Holly has been amazingly gentle and efficient at turning off my pain and making my movements
much easier. Walking is fun again.
-Terry Jones

...HPT Rocks! I have an incurable chronic condition. Holly and other HPT staff have used BioSynchronistics to help manage my condition. This treatment along with specific exercises and instruction in how to walk correctly have let me function with less pain and given me a better life. HPT staff creates a caring, relaxing, and "homey" environment. The BioSynchronistics technique that Holly brings to this community is the unique work that sustains me.
 - Cindy Nelson

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