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Physical Therapy

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About Physical Therapy

  Physical therapy is a health care specialty involved with evaluating, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to restore maximal functional independence to each individual patient. To achieve this goal, modalities such as manual therapy, postural retraining, exercise, heat, cold, electricity, and massage are utilized.

  Physical therapy is provided by physical therapists, who are licensed health care professionals with a master’s or doctorate degree in physical therapy. Physical therapists evaluate, diagnose, and manage the physical therapy treatment plan, customizing it to each individual’s needs.
Physical therapy can be ordered by a physician when it is felt that such a course of treatment would be beneficial. Alaska’s healthcare is an “open door” system, only requiring a physician’s referral for most insurance purposes.

  Physical therapy is useful in treating many different medical disorders. Injuries, muscular illness, surgical recovery, vestibular issues, pelvic pain and incontinence as well as cardiopulmonary diseases are only a few conditions physical therapy plays a treatment role in.

  Through patient and therapist interaction, physical therapy can help restore movement and function helping patients return to their prior level of independence.
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• Hour-long appointments
• One-on-one with physical therapist
• Concise and effective exercises
• Functional application of exercises







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